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If I ever go missing you’ll find me in at my stamping desk in an inky mess of stamps, inkpads and cardstock. Minutes quickly melt into hours, as I get lost in the creativity of making a small piece of art in the shape of a hand stamped card. I can’t stop. Really. It’s the most wonderful addiction.


I was one of those people who couldn’t find their hobby. Now don’t get me wrong, I tried. In my cupboard, I have half made and abandoned crotchet rugs, knitting, sketchbooks, sewing and a calligraphy set but nothing stuck. Nothing felt right.



In 2011 I was a very busy mother of 3 of three fun and energetic little boys. Life was constantly chaotic in the most fulfilling and fortunate way. I recognized however that I needed balance in my life and in addition to running around between kindy, changing nappies and making meals, I also need ‘something’ just for me.

I came across Stampin’ Up! through an old friend and found a class with a local Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and I didn’t really know what to expect. I still have that very first card I made. I wasn’t sure if I was cutting the paper right or if I was stamping properly but one thing…I knew I’d found ‘IT’. I’d found that hobby I’d been searching for.

I just wanted EVERYTHING out of the Stampin’ Up! Catalogue. I carried it everywhere and poured over all the prettiness, wondering what every tool did and how I could get one of each. The Demonstrator Starter Kit was a great affordable way to purchase some basic supplies to get me started, as I didn’t own a thing. Not even a pair of papercraft scissors.

It wasn’t long before my confidence grew and I started to hold classes at home to help support my Stampin’ Up! addiction. I attended the annual Stampin’ Up! Convention and began to see a world of creativity, friendship and business opportunities I had never imagined before. Gosh, it was great to connect with like-minded creative people who got excited about all things paper too.


Now what was once a hobby is now my full time at home business.  Although being ‘Mum’ will always be my number one ‘job’ I also have been successful at writing here full time, hold weekly Stampin’ Up! classes and parties, support my rapidly growing Stampin’ Up! team and run my Online Stampin’ Up! business which you can see HERE.



Stampin’ Up! has provided me with so many achievements and memorable moments – being asked to present at the South Pacific Stampin’ Up! Convention and at Regionals previously, travelling to Utah in the USA to see the North America Convention and the Stampin’ Up! home office and achieving Stampin’ Up! annual awards. I think the greatest highlight however has been to meet so many stamping friends – be it customers, fellow Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators or the beautiful women who have joined my team; the Midnight Inklings. Life is full, enriched and totally changed, all thanks to stamping that very first Stampin’ Up! card.

carolynbennie.com Carolyn Bennie

There is no better way to share my love of Stampin’ Up! paper craft and card making than with my blog. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now and I just love to share my latest creation, tips and techniques, my team or Stampin’ Up! event adventures, craft room organisation, next class or Stampin’ Up! specials.

And what makes this blog even better – hearing from you of course! So feel free to drop me a line at carolynbennieink@gmail.com, or leave a comment on the blog or Facebook. I love to hear what you’ve been creating. I have so much gratitude for how much you have all taught me along the way – Stampin’ Up!’s motto is ‘Inspire. Create. Share’. I’m continually inspired by the creativity of you all.

I’ve left the best until last, it’s time to give kudos to the man I love. I could not manage to make all of this happen without the continued love, support and encouragement of my hubby Chris. My childhood sweetheart, Chris has been there to help me with all my computing questions, listen to hours and hours of stamping chatter, keep the home fires burning when I’m out sharing my Stampin’ Up! passion with others. He is my number one supporter, as I am his.


Thanks again to all of you for stopping by to cheer me on along the way.  Your support and input is what keeps me going that little extra bit further each day, and keeps me coming back to blog and blog some more!

x Carolyn












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