Jeepers – Minecraft Creeper Birthday Card

Why is it when I have 364 days a year prepare for my boy’s birthday cards, I always seem to be making the card at 11pm the night before?

I’ve always liked to work under a little pressure but I really have to be a little better prepared next time. I’m SO tired… it’s going to be a 4 cup of coffee day today that’s for sure!!

So here’s the card keeping me up late. A Minecraft Creeper breaking through a wall. Apparently they do that, who knew right?

Look Minecraft is not exactly my thing, that’s not to say my 3 boys haven’t talked for hours and hours and hours to me all about it. I should be an expert. I’ve also had to listen to a lot of instructional Youtube videos about the subject matter by some guy called Stampy. If you can relate to any of this in anyway .. you might just be a Minecraft fan or at least know someone who is.

Minecraft Creeper Birthday Card Carolyn Bennie Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

I was looking at images on the internet of Minecraft Creepers and I noticed that breaking through walls was a common thread. Stampin’ Up! have a great Brick Wall Embossing folder and I figured this would be perfect for the job.

I’ve used Whisper White card stock cut to the size of the embossing folder and run through the Big Shot to create the wall. Taking my Stampin’ Up! Paper Snips I’ve cut out a number of ‘bricks’ in the middle for the Creeper to peek out of. Minecraft Creeper Birthday Card Carolyn Bennie Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

To create the 3d brick effect, I’ve just taken a  piece of Basic Grey card stock and put it behind the Whisper White brick wall card front. I’ve then hand drawn the inside view of the bricks with a pencil on the Basic Grey (using a bit of basic perspective drawing). Once drawn and cut out, I’ve adhered the Basic Grey card stock  to the back of the Whisper White card stock.

Use your Basic Grey Stampin’ Write Marker to add some corners and blend to enhance the 3d effect.  Minecraft Creeper Birthday Card Carolyn Bennie Independent Stampin' Up! DemonstratorCucumber Crush is one of the 2015/16 Stampin’ Up! Incolors and it’s perfect Creeper colour. I’ve fussy cut the Creepers black eyes and a few Basic Grey cubes on the body for effect. Then sponged lightly around him to give him the lurking in shadow feel.

I’ve adhered my Creeper direct to the Basic Black card base and then used Dimensional to fix the wall to the card. Again this adds to the 3d effect.

I do hope you like my Creeper Birthday Card. A bit of fussy cutting but otherwise it’s not a super hard card to make.

Call to action… leave a comment Peeps:

1. Do you know about the Minecraft game?

2. Can you think of any other uses for this wall embossing folder?

3. Do you stay up late crafting last minute or are you more organised? 

Leave me a comment my friend… and I’ll write you back. 🙂

Happy stamping,

x Carolyn 


17 thoughts on “Jeepers – Minecraft Creeper Birthday Card

  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome card! I love the 3D effect of it with the bricks – so creative! Both of my kiddos are Minecraft fans and will enjoy such an “creepy” card.

  2. Im always making the card the hour before too! Glad to know there are other mums like me!!
    I know about minecraft…actually coz my daughter talks about her friends playing it!
    That embossing folder is super and I love how you made it look so 3D!!!

  3. Love this amazing card! I love and play minecraft! I can play it hours on end! Better than laundry any day! We call the creeper you created xplodie guys and I hate them as much as I love your card! I love the EF and use it frequently! I prefer to be an organized and planned ahead stamper, but it all depends on when inspiration hits!

    Thanks for sharing your spectacular cRd!

    1. Love your passion for Minecraft AND card making Tricia! Thanks for your amazing comment and stopping by my blog. x Carolyn

  4. Love your card, Carolyn. I am a little puzzled as to how you got a reflective look under the little critter. I would appreciate it if you could help me with this. Maybe it is a trick I haven’t come across yet! I am only new to Minecraft but I have a Grandson turning 8 & he is so into it. Thinking I would like to make your card ( or similar ) for his Birthday in March. Nice to find another Aussie!

    1. Hi Robyn,
      Thanks so much for your question. Are you talking about the shadow? If so, I’ve just used a sponge dauber and sponged in the same coloured ink to give a shadow effect. I hope that helps. It’s a card that tricks the eyes but is actually all about drawing perspective. Once get the perspective correct the whole card will come together. Good luck for the birthday in March.
      kind regards,

      1. Thanks Carolyn. I will give it ago. It looked shiny so I thought it was reflecting. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. I actually learn most of my work from Pinterest.

    1. Thanks Kelly. Yes he’s very happy with his Minecraft card… now I have to make a Creeper Minecraft cake for his party. 🙂

  5. I love your card! And yes I know everything about Minecraft. My sons are addicted, well the older one was a few years ago, and my youngest son and his friends are now. (and my youngest son knows how to burn down his village 😀 I just asked him ) I am a gamer myself, but other kind of games.
    I love the wall folder, but use it as wall, mostly with lots of flowers (but that is not fair, I do LOVE flowers, you never have enough flower stamps) I need to play to see other uses.
    I wish I was more organised. One of my team members is so very organised, she even works in front. I am always late, if not too late :D. In my defence there is so much to try and create, I forget about a deadline untill it is very, very late.

    1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be so organised?? Thanks you so much for your comment Marrigije. It’s fun to know there are other Minecraft Mum’s out there. xxx Carolyn

  6. A truly awesome card Carolyn and thanks for the explanation of that awesome wall.
    1. Stampy is god when it comes to minecraft and creeper kill you so do skeletons and you can build roller coasters and really cool stuff – from my 6yo son.
    2. Aerosol art card
    3.Depends on what has been on. Last birthday card was an 11.30pm job too.

    1. You know A LOT about Minecraft Karlie!! I’m impressed. Aerosol art sounds really cool… Hmmmm that’s got me thinking. Thanks for your beautiful comment. 🙂

  7. 1. Yes & did you know you can accidentally burn half your mine craft village down & now tree right in the middle will be left standing &&&& it was a roaring bushfire – lol
    2. Humpty Dumpty fell off one
    3. 3am last minute finishes are pretty much standard.

    Thank you Carolyn now to show the kiddo.

    1. Oh hilarious Jacqueline. You totally understand! Thanks so much for making me feel totally normal as a Minecraft mum and a stamper. 🙂 x C

  8. Thanks for the explanation of this great 3D effect. My boys were minecraft fans, but i think my youngest (13 yo) has grown out of it in the last 6 months or so. The problem is he has graduated to a new game or two, and one is a bit violent for my liking. I often stay up and craft , then have to face work the next day. Sometimes i get organised and make a card a week or so ahead of schedule but often it is the day before. I used to always decorate the birthday cake the night before as they cannot be done too much in advance!

    1. It’s kind of bittersweet when they outgrow things isn’t it Tanja? I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s ‘last minute’. Think of me tomorrow night making a Creeper Birthday cake!! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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