Joining Stampin’ Up! Myth Busters

Carolyn Bennie – Australian Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

Joining Stampin’ Up! Q&A

Have you ever wondered why I do this Stampin’ Up! business?? What’s it all about?? I get lots of questions about joining Stampin’ Up!  – so I thought that I’d put together a little questions and answers post for you all today. It’s like a Stampin’ Up! Myth Busters! Carolyn Bennie Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Australia

Q. I don’t want to Demonstrate – can I just purchase my own products or do I have to hold parties or have a blog to join Stampin’ Up! ?


  • You know the ‘Demonstrator’ title is such a tricky one – I kind of wish it was called something else really. Please don’t be put off by that ‘Demonstrator’ title. YOU can totally decide the way you want to do things – be your own best customer and just buy products for yourself. Have a few friends over for a cuppa and stamp who occasionally buy a few things from you, be a Party Person and have an amazing business opportunity or be Online and have a blog, Facebook business page – It’s TOTALLY your decision.
  • I have a team full of all sorts of lovely Peeps running their Stampin’ Up! journey as a hobby or a business. I welcome everyone. You’re the boss – and I love that about Stampin’ Up!
  • In my time as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I’ve been a Hobby Demonstrator, I’ve run a monthly class while being a stay at home mum to 3 pre-schoolers and now with all my kids at school I have an Online business that I LOVE. As Demonstrators, we get to decide for ourselves and we can change it up or down whenever we want.

Q. How much is the Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Starter Kit? What’s in it?


  • There is currently an amazing Joining Special for the Stampin’ Up! Starter kit. Normally the starter kit is just $169 and you receive $235 worth of product – awesome saving. But currently in the Sale-A-Bration sale you get to pick an additional $60 worth of product! So the kits price is still $169 but you get to pick $295 worth of goodies – all totally your choice of products.
  • In addition you receive an $80 business kit (order forms and catalogues etc) that is of no charge.
  • So that’s $295 worth of product + Business kit + Free postage & handling for just $165! The perfect time to join.

Q. Are there quarterly sales minimums and what are actual dates?


  • To remain an active Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and continue to receive the 20% discount on your purchases you are required to purchase or sell $440 Retail Australian a quarter… of course if these purchases are for yourself – you get the 20% Demonstrator discount applied straight away so as a Demonstrator you’ll never really pay that full $440 retail.
  • The Stampin’ Up! year is broken up into 4 quarters. These are: January 1st – March 31st, April 1st – June 30th, July 1st – September 30th, October 1st to December 31st.

Q. What happens if I don’t meet my minimums?


  • You will be given an extra month to try and achieve them, but if you don’t, you are not required to return anything to SU, you aren’t obliged to do anything more, and aren’t tied in to anything. You will simply go into an ‘inactive’ state, and no longer be able to sell or buy at the 20% discount.
  • However, should you want to rejoin, you can join the same upline immediately by buying a fresh starter kit. But should you wish to go to another upline, you must wait 90 days.

Q. Do my personal purchases count towards the quarterly minimums?


  • Yes! SU doesn’t mind who does the buying, whether it’s you, your neighbour, or someone else. They will just look at your total figures.

Q. What if I join part way through a quarter?


  • You have 1 FULL quarter to achieve your first quarterly minimum. So even if you join now in March you still receive all of this remaining quarter (this quarter finishes March 31st), PLUS the next full quarter to achieve your first quarterly minimums. So your first minimums wouldn’t be required until June 31st 2016!

Q. I love those Host Rewards – do I still get those if I’m a Demonstrator?


  • This is the bit I love – As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator you still qualify for Host Rewards when you place a qualifying order of $250 or more!! That’s in addition to getting 20% discount off your Stampin’ Up! Products. Total win/win.

Q. I know I can get 20% discount on my purchases – but how do I earn money by selling Stampin’ Up!?


  • While there is no obligation to sell or hold workshops as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, you do have the potential to earn an income so it’s worth knowing how.
  • When you sell a product to a customer instead of earning 20% discount you earn a 20% commission on that sale. The Demonstrator website works it all out for you and it’s a really easy computer system to get your head around.
  • In addition to the instant 20% income for all Demonstrators, there is the ability to earn rebates from Stampin’ Up! based on monthly sales AND increase your instant income to 25% along the way.
  • And if you have a team, there’s extra earning potential there too.
  • Demonstrators also have a Flex Rewards Program that allow points accrued by selling, recruiting and leading to be redeemed for products, catalogues and even a yearly incentive trip to 5 star resorts and cruises in places like the Mediterranean and Thailand.

Carolyn Bennie - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Australia
Q. I might like to make this a business in the future, perhaps I’d like to hold parties, have an online business like you Carolyn or make and sell my own cards – can you give me advice?


  • I sure can. I offer exclusive support and advice to all the Demonstrators that join Stampin’ Up! with me. We can make a plan together whenever you’re ready.

Q. I’m not local to you Carolyn – is that ok?


  • Absolutely. I have Demonstrators in my team from all over Australia. We’re a friendly bunch and have a wonderful Facebook Forum where we share our latest creations and get to exchange ideas and inspiration.
  • I’m here to support you in your goals as much or as little as you need me. I’m here online most days, on our Facebook Forum, via phone, email and even by live interactive video chats.
    We have monthly card swaps, cyber stamping events (where we call stamp at home and share our work online while we chat) and lots, lots more.

Q. Do you hold any events I can attend in person?


  • Yes! Everyone in my team is invited to our annual Stamping Retreat, monthly Cuppa & Stamping sessions and we can get together for ‘one on one’ training sessions as well.
  • Stampin’ Up! also have fantastic events called Onstage – amazing for seeing new products, getting to socialise with other crafty folk and get great tips and ideas. You’ll alway find me at one of these events.

Q. So what’s the catch?


  • That was my exact thoughts when I first found Stampin’ Up! – but there really isn’t one (believe me I looked). There are no Annual fees and no penalty fees if you decide it’s not for you and you don’t have to give anything back if you don’t continue.

Q. I’d like to read the terms and conditions before I sign up.


  • Of course you should always read the fine print before you sign up for anything. Have a look HERE.

Q. I’d like to know more about what you offer as a Team Leader and how your team feel about you.


  • Fantastic. Learn more about my team HERE and all about me HERE. Click HERE to join right now!

This is what a few of my Midnight Inklings team members say about me:
If ever you were thinking about joining Stampin’up but worried about all the technicalities and computer stuff like I was, then Carolyn is your girl! Carolyn made the process easier than I expected and takes baby steps and uses everyday talk that even I can follow. Carolyn always follows up to make sure I am going ok and her classes and team get togethers are always heaps of fun. Carolyn is also very talented in the card making department which in turn always inspires me! Bernie.

Carolyn, I would like to express my full appreciation and gratitude for the help and support you have provided for me during these last few months as a relatively new Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I feel more motivated and excited now about using and promoting Stampin’ Up! products – especially since now I understand a lot more about it. Thank you for time and patience. Keep on stampin! Sharni.

So have I busted any myths? Have any other questions?? I’d love to hear from you. Leave your questions in the comments or email me at Carolyn Bennie Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator - Join my team

Carolyn Bennie - Australian Independent  Stampin' Up! Demonstrator -


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