The ugliest card I’ve ever made….. I dare you!

Here goes nothing… I’m coming clean on the ugliest card I’ve ever made. There was just no saving it but I couldn’t throw it out either!!  I thought you might enjoy a look.

What do you think? … well you win some and loose some, right?

Do you have a really ugly card you’d like to share and get off of your chest?? Email me your photo of your card and I’ll give a handmade prize to the worst!

Happy Stamping,

x Carolyn

3 thoughts on “The ugliest card I’ve ever made….. I dare you!

  1. They ugliest cards I’ve ever made tend to go straight into the recycling bin. By now they may be the paper towel you wipe up your spilled morning coffee with! But I enjoyed a good laugh looking at the card you were brave enough to share. Thanks for that.

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